Concept project from University of Washington Exhibition Design course, Seattle, Washington
Design Team:
Designers: Simon Bond, 
Joey Flynn, 
Leo Hartomo, 
Dana Vogt (B.Des 2009)

NonCents is a campaign lobbying to take the U.S. penny out of circulation. Street interventions highlight the decreasing usefulness of the penny: parking meters that take only pennies, and cash machines that dispense only pennies. These direct the visitor to the main exhibition, where displays describe every reason to get rid of the penny (for example it costs more than a penny to make a penny, and generates eight times its size in waste material). Below these displays, the floor is covered in pennies (because after all, who would bother to pick one up these days?) This concept installation was developed in Kristine Matthews’ Exhibition Design course at the University of Washington, where student teams design installations to create a change they would like to see in the world.

NonCents was featured in Just Design: Socially Conscience Design for Critical Causes, published in 2011.