Aldgate Pedestrian Subways

Client: Cityside Regeneration, Anne Thorne Architects Partnership, London, England Design Team: Kristine Matthews, Sophie Thomas, lead designers; Tara Hanrahan, designer. Designed at thomas.matthews, London. Photos: David Spero

Each day, over 17,000 commuters navigate the complex Aldgate Pedestrian Subways in east London. The underground passages stitch together diverse neighborhoods, an underground shopping mall, and the London Underground rail system. Working with Anne Thorne Architects, we created a color-coded wayfinding system to visually simplify the 28-exit system. For the tunnel wall graphics, we reinforced the color theme and commissioned local artists to draw inspiration from the neighborhood’s vibrant street life.

Aldgate Pedestrian Subways was a finalist in the 2002 FX International Interior Design Awards for Best Installation for Public Space.