No Shop

Client: Friends of the Earth, London, England Design Team: Kristine Matthews, Sophie Thomas, designers Photos: David Spero

No Shop was a temporary installation devised to create media attention for the U.K. launch of “International No Shop Day” (known as “Buy Nothing Day” in the U.S.). No Shop uses the visual language of shopping—sales banners, coupons, shopping bags—to start a conversation about what our consumer spending habits ultimately bring us. Once inside the store, the visitor realizes there are no goods to consume—only information. Response to No Shop was overwhelming—it received coverage in the U.K. and European press, and was subsequently featured in Eye magazine and other design journals, as well as books including Graphic Agitation and Conscientious Objectives. It also paved the way for the founding of the London-based design studio thomas.matthews, which Kristine Matthews formed with Sophie Thomas.